Our Training Approach

Improv Training is not just for comics and actors! It’s for anyone seeking personal and professional development to be a better co-worker, leader, friend, spouse or overall person!  By teaching the fundamental and advanced skills of improv, we make it easier for people to engage in training and in relationships on stage and in life. Our style of teaching and training is one of non-judgment, acceptance of ideas, encouragement and team approach.

We do not encourage people to try to be a “funny”. As the art of improvisation becomes easier people become more confident and comfortable in social situations, work situations and on stage in front of an audience. Life and relationships are often funny and humor is the by-product of improv training.

Experience levels are never an issue as we tailor feedback to each individual participant. We provide an environment perfect for all – experienced improvisers, aspiring actors, CPAs, attorneys, customer service representatives, and every other average John or Susan venturing into the world of improv comedy as a break from the weekly routine or forced into in business training. Escape the real world and take a well deserved break – it’s like a play date for adults. Be a child for a few hours every week!

CIC uses improv training techniques that accelerate the everyone’s growth. While the quick gags of other improv clubs may evoke laughter from an audience, we believe dedication to both the fundamental skills upon which quality improvisation is based, and the presentational nature of the artform, can create an incredibly personal experience that will inspire awe as well as laughter.

Our improv curriculum focuses on scenic and short form improvisation, geared towards format, character, story structure and more. Emphasis is placed on empowering the individual improviser, “finding the game” in scenes, and developing an honest sense of play.